Thursday, 11 November 2010

Horsing around!

I appear to have dressed like a complete horse lover today! It made me chuckle, I felt like I should be in Horse & Hound ;p

Sorry about the naff'ness of the photo!


Cardigan: H&M
T shirt: Urban Outfitters
Black cuf-off's: Topshop
Tights: Topshop 120 denier in black

I should really do more outfit posts and stop being lazy, obviously making them much better than this one! I still haven't got the hang of them, ha! But I promise I will try harder!


  1. loving the horsing around...see what i did there?
    *tumbleweed blows past*

    erm, yeah... random question, what's that playing card thing on the side of your mirror? i love playing card accessories :)


  2. It's actually a necklace...I've had it for ages! I got it off Etsy but I found a similar one on Folksy :)