Thursday, 28 April 2011

Proper Lush I tell thee...

So a few weeks ago I was very kindly invited to a Perfume Event by the lovely Courtney who works at the Lush store in town :) It was an invite to come and have a nosey (literally, ha) at perfumes that are only available on the Lush website or in their Regent Street store in London.

I love the red carpet!

Now Lush is a shop that I love wandering around, it's like a colourful feast for the eyes and nose. You can literally smell the wonderful scents before you even get near the shop! The fact that nearly everything looks good enough to eat is an added bonus, though must remember No matter how yummy they make it look ;)



I love how colourful everything is!

These attracted the magpie in me, anything Gold and shiny and I'm instantly drawn to it :)

The event was held to offer shoppers a chance for one night to be able to try and buy perfumes that are generally only available on line. Now Lush have 4 scents which they sell in store but tonight about 10 others were available for customers to try.


Each perfume came in a 30ml bottle, a 10 ml handbag friendly size and also as a perfume balm!



I really liked the perfume balms they smelt so, so lovely and were super soft. They went on so easily and actually felt moisturising, thanks to the fact they contain ultrabalm which is a moisturising product. Normally perfumes like this rarely smell good but these were amazing and for £7 defiantly worth it :) Out of them all my two favourite perfumes were 'B Scent' and 'Superworks Unkown' they are both very summery and fresh with hints of citrus in them. Perfect to wear on a nice summers day without it being too heavy like many floral perfumes can be :)

They were also offering lovely relaxing hand massages, using these specially designed moisturising bars. Of course I had to have a try!


This is another product that I will defiantly be treating myself too! You simply just rub it between your hands and it produces a silky, soft moisturiser that smells amazing and soaks in quickly leaving your skin super soft.

Now due to the Royal Wedding tomorrow (which I have to say I am super, super excited about) I had to show you these bath bombs...put them in water, let them fizz and you are left with glitter and party streamers!! A-mez-ing. They also smell so lush :)


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Your body is a temple, but keep the spirits on the outside

Hi my names Leanne and I'm addicted to rubbish! I'm a sugar addict who eats far too many sweets, drinks far too much fizzy drinks and enjoys a bottle of wine or three at the weekend.


Now I'm not saying I'm a raving alcoholic, far from it, but I do drink more at the weekends than I probably should. It's become the norm for me and a few friends to go out on a friday and saturday night and polish off lot's of wine and vodka, get too drunken then wake up the next day with no recollection of the night before and a hangover from hell. So I've decided to go on an alcohol and sugar detox. My addiction to sweets is currently getting out of hand, I swear I'll turn into a Haribo if I eat any more!
So...I'm going to go a month with no sugar and no alcohol. My own kind of mini detox.

So if my posts become grumpy and more food orientated you all know why, I'm having a sugar withdrawnness haha :p

Sunday, 24 April 2011

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!


Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is having a lovely day and has eaten faaar too much chocolate :) I was lucky enough to recieve a couple of yummy easter eggs which I'm sure won't last long haha...I also consumed lot's of Cream Eggs, just to get into the Easter spirit of course ;)

How do you eat yours?!


How is everyone enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend? 4 days off work, what could be better! And the weather is a-mez-ing, how lovely and sunny is it? Perfect Bank Holiday weather. I'm having quite a chilled out weekend, went out for a few drinks on Thirsday. Well I say few, but really a bottle of wine or two ;) Friday I went off to Dunham Massey and basked in the sunshine. Dunham Massey it's a lovely old house just near Altrincham with amazing gardens that you can wander around for hours. Plus they have deer that seem to oblivious to the public and will just wander past like you're not even there.


While we were sunbathing and enjoying a picnic we made friends with a swan who decided to join in the sunbathing, I never realised how big swans were! But it looked so beautiful :)


I also went to see Jason Manford at the MEN last night, he was very funny indeed and was on for like well over 2 hours! That was a lot of laughing. Ohh and we may even make it onto the DVD so will defiantly be buying it when it comes out just to see ;)


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Flutter those lashes

Jelly Pong Pong is something I've seen in magazines for a while now. It's a make up collection that according to their philosophy has been created to 'evoke the dreamer in you'. Now it's not something you can buy on the high street and is relatively expensive compared to drug store make up brands, which is one of the reasons I have never bought anything from them. But a friend very kindly gave me the Lash and Mascara Extension Set and I instantly fell in love with the packaging! The cute butterfly design and the lovely candy like colours used on the box instantly caught my eye.


Inside there was a set of false lashes and mascara, in a lovely little bottle. Very cute.



I am a lover of false lashes and always wear them on a night out and these are exactly the type of lases I would go for, soft and fluttery and not too heavy :) They really do feel super soft and also have a nice glossy appearance to them and they looked amazing on I have to say. My only gripe is that there was no lash glue supplied, luckily I already have some but if I hadn't I would have been awfully disappointed! They went on easily, probably the easiest out of all the false lases I've tried. I wore them from 12pm and they lasted the whole day and night without me having to mess with them and still looked perfect :)

According to the website the mascara is made with beeswax ' to allow you to layer multiple times without clumping & Vitamin E to condition lashes'. The mascara goes on lovely and you really can apply layer after layer without it going the slightest bit clumpy. It actually feels like it goes on nicely, the brush isn't rough and doesn't catch and drag your lashes. I tried it with the false lashes on and also on my lashes on their own. When used on my own lashes I have to be honest I wasn't overly impressed, it just didn't look as if I was wearing any mascara. Even a friend at work commented on the fact she thought I wasn't wearing any when really I was. So I would probably use it if I wanted a natural look in the day but not for a night out or a dramatic eye look.

All in all I am pretty impressed with this little set but for £15 I don't think it is something I would treat myself too, especially as you would only get a couple of wears from the lashes before having to throw them away and the fact you don't get any lash glue either. Anyone else tried anything from this range? What do you think?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The sun has got his hat on...

So, it's that time of year again. The sun is shining and people think it's the law to bear every inch of flesh they have! Well I thought I'd brave getting a little bit of leg out while it was so hot at the weekend. Until I saw to my complete horror that my legs where whiter than white, I very nearly blinded myself with the white'ness of them!! Time to get the tinted moisturiser out. So I invested in Garnier Body 'Summer Body'.


Now, I am the palest of pale and don't tan at all. I'm the girl who went to Ibiza and came back whiter than when I went, not helped by the Spray Tan I had beforehand completely wearing off :( Because of this I am also quite sceptical about using fake tans as my skin doesn't take to them very well I end up looking a nice shade or Oompa-lumpa Orange. Highly attractive! My Hairdresser recommended I used this so after a quick trip to Boots and £6 later I skipped off home to tan myself up ;)

The tan itself is more like a gel than a cream and does go on quite easily and dries quickly although it does leave you with that lovely digestive biscuit smell! Like nearly all moisturising tans this develops over time so woke up the next morning to look like some bronzed goddess...but no, far from it. I woke up to find my arms and legs a mass of brown streaks. Now, I applied it carefully and made sure I didn't just slap it on, I ex foliated beforehand to make sure my skin was smooth-as too. Yet it still went like this. So instead of being all lovely and sun kissed I looked like I'd been rolling in dirt.

I defiantly feel let down by this product...any recommendations for good fake tans would be muchly appreciated? Otherwise I'm destined to blind the world with my pale legs all summer :(