Friday, 23 September 2011

In a Galaxy far, far away...

How have I only just found out about Galaxy nails?! Duh...

I love, love, love them so glittery, sparkly and I love space type things. So these were a must to try. I admit I thought they would be a little fiddly but thanks to tutorials from this Youtube video and Katie's blog. The end results looking like this....


Ta da!! :)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Models Own

I only own one Models Own Nail Varnish and I have to say I was never massively impressed by it! I just found it too runny and didn't like how it went on, so have always stuck to Barry M.
But whilst browsing Boots I noticed that Models Own had a 3 for 2 offer on and was instantly drawn in my the gorgeous colours they have! The fact that I also had a £15 gift voucher helped :)


(L-R Pearly Queen, Gold Rush, Champagne, In The Navy, Juicy Jules, Utopia)

The camera on my Iphone doesn't do them justice but the colours are just so lovely and shimmery. I have the say the Champagne is my favourite it's so dreamy and sparkly :)


I have to say I am now a Models Own convert they have some gorgeous colours!! I also treated myself to the legendary Wah Nail Art Pen...after reading about it on so many blogs :)


Friday, 9 September 2011

Everybody loves a panda

I'm lovin' this nail art malarky! Admittedly I'm NOT the greatest at it but ya'know, practice makes perfect :) Painting my nails is one thing I really miss! I always had them painted but now I'm a nurse it's a massive no-no :(...although I do sneakily paint them with clear varnish. Oh yes, I am *such* a rebel, haha.

Anyhoo this is my latest attempt to join the nail art bandwagon...Panda's on my fingers (everybody does indeed love a panda) and a Converse'esque design on my big toe. I am unfortunately not blessed with nice toes so couldn't fit the design on the rest of my little piggy toes, boo ;(