Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hair mare!

I am having a right hair mare at the moment! It's just so blah. I'm trying to grow it and it feels like it's taking forever :( I can't decide what to do with my fringe either, I like having a full fringe but it's just too much as it constantly needs trimming or I end up looking like the dulux dog! So I've opted for a long sweeping side fringe :)
Also fancied a change of hair colour! Believe it or not this time last year I was still actually blonde


One day when I went to get my highlights done and just decided to go dark 5 minutes before my appointment! And I actually can't imagine being blonde now. I think a year later my mum is finally starting to like it! It's much easier to colour it myself and cheaper too, £100 for cut and highlights is way too expensive to pay every other month. Now I just colour it myself and get a trim every now again. Plus my hair is in much better condition now it's not being bleached to death :)

So I decided to have a change of colour and try this


I always use L'oreal semi-permanent colours and they always come out really nice, plus the little conditioner you get makes my hair feel super soft. I also bought a really great product from the hairdressers yesterday...they always use it on my hair and it's good for getting that messed up look. It's Schwarzkopf Oasis+ Dust It


You sprinkle a little bit on your roots and basically just mess up you hair. It works really well and was only £12 :) It will last forever too as you only need to use a little bit at a time.

Here's a little outfit shot of what I was wearing last night. We had a girly night out with lot's of Rose and dancing, was fun! Although I'm paying for it today with a slight hangover :(


Leather Jacket: Topshop
Tights: Topshop
Peter Pan collar dress: Topshop
Quilted bag: Topshop

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