Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The sun has got his hat on...

So, it's that time of year again. The sun is shining and people think it's the law to bear every inch of flesh they have! Well I thought I'd brave getting a little bit of leg out while it was so hot at the weekend. Until I saw to my complete horror that my legs where whiter than white, I very nearly blinded myself with the white'ness of them!! Time to get the tinted moisturiser out. So I invested in Garnier Body 'Summer Body'.


Now, I am the palest of pale and don't tan at all. I'm the girl who went to Ibiza and came back whiter than when I went, not helped by the Spray Tan I had beforehand completely wearing off :( Because of this I am also quite sceptical about using fake tans as my skin doesn't take to them very well I end up looking a nice shade or Oompa-lumpa Orange. Highly attractive! My Hairdresser recommended I used this so after a quick trip to Boots and £6 later I skipped off home to tan myself up ;)

The tan itself is more like a gel than a cream and does go on quite easily and dries quickly although it does leave you with that lovely digestive biscuit smell! Like nearly all moisturising tans this develops over time so woke up the next morning to look like some bronzed goddess...but no, far from it. I woke up to find my arms and legs a mass of brown streaks. Now, I applied it carefully and made sure I didn't just slap it on, I ex foliated beforehand to make sure my skin was smooth-as too. Yet it still went like this. So instead of being all lovely and sun kissed I looked like I'd been rolling in dirt.

I defiantly feel let down by this product...any recommendations for good fake tans would be muchly appreciated? Otherwise I'm destined to blind the world with my pale legs all summer :(

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