Sunday, 24 April 2011

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!


Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is having a lovely day and has eaten faaar too much chocolate :) I was lucky enough to recieve a couple of yummy easter eggs which I'm sure won't last long haha...I also consumed lot's of Cream Eggs, just to get into the Easter spirit of course ;)

How do you eat yours?!


How is everyone enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend? 4 days off work, what could be better! And the weather is a-mez-ing, how lovely and sunny is it? Perfect Bank Holiday weather. I'm having quite a chilled out weekend, went out for a few drinks on Thirsday. Well I say few, but really a bottle of wine or two ;) Friday I went off to Dunham Massey and basked in the sunshine. Dunham Massey it's a lovely old house just near Altrincham with amazing gardens that you can wander around for hours. Plus they have deer that seem to oblivious to the public and will just wander past like you're not even there.


While we were sunbathing and enjoying a picnic we made friends with a swan who decided to join in the sunbathing, I never realised how big swans were! But it looked so beautiful :)


I also went to see Jason Manford at the MEN last night, he was very funny indeed and was on for like well over 2 hours! That was a lot of laughing. Ohh and we may even make it onto the DVD so will defiantly be buying it when it comes out just to see ;)


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