Thursday, 28 April 2011

Proper Lush I tell thee...

So a few weeks ago I was very kindly invited to a Perfume Event by the lovely Courtney who works at the Lush store in town :) It was an invite to come and have a nosey (literally, ha) at perfumes that are only available on the Lush website or in their Regent Street store in London.

I love the red carpet!

Now Lush is a shop that I love wandering around, it's like a colourful feast for the eyes and nose. You can literally smell the wonderful scents before you even get near the shop! The fact that nearly everything looks good enough to eat is an added bonus, though must remember No matter how yummy they make it look ;)



I love how colourful everything is!

These attracted the magpie in me, anything Gold and shiny and I'm instantly drawn to it :)

The event was held to offer shoppers a chance for one night to be able to try and buy perfumes that are generally only available on line. Now Lush have 4 scents which they sell in store but tonight about 10 others were available for customers to try.


Each perfume came in a 30ml bottle, a 10 ml handbag friendly size and also as a perfume balm!



I really liked the perfume balms they smelt so, so lovely and were super soft. They went on so easily and actually felt moisturising, thanks to the fact they contain ultrabalm which is a moisturising product. Normally perfumes like this rarely smell good but these were amazing and for £7 defiantly worth it :) Out of them all my two favourite perfumes were 'B Scent' and 'Superworks Unkown' they are both very summery and fresh with hints of citrus in them. Perfect to wear on a nice summers day without it being too heavy like many floral perfumes can be :)

They were also offering lovely relaxing hand massages, using these specially designed moisturising bars. Of course I had to have a try!


This is another product that I will defiantly be treating myself too! You simply just rub it between your hands and it produces a silky, soft moisturiser that smells amazing and soaks in quickly leaving your skin super soft.

Now due to the Royal Wedding tomorrow (which I have to say I am super, super excited about) I had to show you these bath bombs...put them in water, let them fizz and you are left with glitter and party streamers!! A-mez-ing. They also smell so lush :)


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