Saturday, 8 January 2011

Oh yes, wait a minute Mr Postman...

I love, love, love getting parcels in the post. Especially when you've ordered lot's of things and it's a surprise to see what has arrived :)...yes, I admit, I am very easily pleased!

So on a mini internet shopping spree I ordered a few things...firstly ever since seeing this knotted rosary necklace on a post by LLYMLRS (whose blog I absolutely adore and am incredibly jealous of her fashion sense and style!) I decided I wanted, no NEEDED one! so after a quick hunt on Google (I unfortunately don't have an Ebay account *shock horror*) I found them on this site Rosary Heaven. They deliver really quickly and are well worth the money :) I'd defiantly recommend them.



The second parcel I received today was from this site,


I always, always look on this site and want so many things off there but this ring is the first thing I've bought from them and I'm impressed it came super quickly in a nice little box too :)



I use to have a scrabble tile necklace that I bought ages and ages ago which I loved but unfortunately I wore it to death and it broke :( so this ring is my new replacement.

Ohh, I also wanted to share this with you! It cheered me up on a boring day in work...My friend who appears to have become a right Delia Smith in the kitchen baked some cookies and made me a special one which she named 'Bondage Bear', why she though I'd love this I'll never know, hehe ;)

But meet Bondage Bear...


Haha, I won't lie he was rather yummy ;)

Hopefully my next post will be reviews on a few ELF products I've ordered. I've never used anything from them before but constantly hear good things all the time. So hopefully they arrive very soon :)

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