Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles

Last year I treated myself to a jewellery making kit in the hope of making all kinds of fabulous jewellery. Unfortunately it lay forgotten about under my bed collecting far too much dust :s

Until today that is! I had an urge to give it a go again. So I made a trip to Hobby Craft and picked up a few extra things....Okay this may sound awfully sad but there is something about wandering the isles of Hobby Craft that excites me and makes me smile lot's. Maybe it's the crafty person inside of me trying to escape with joy at me being in there or maybe I am just sad, haha.
And here it all is in it's glory, my little collection of beads and shiny things :)


Now I fully admit I am hardly the most creative person but I like to give it a go, so hopefully after a bit more practice I will actually get quite good at this jewellery making malarky :)
(Excuse the rubbish photos but I managed to break the SD card for my camera so had to use my Iphone!)

This I made for my little niece :)




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