Friday, 9 September 2011

Everybody loves a panda

I'm lovin' this nail art malarky! Admittedly I'm NOT the greatest at it but ya'know, practice makes perfect :) Painting my nails is one thing I really miss! I always had them painted but now I'm a nurse it's a massive no-no :(...although I do sneakily paint them with clear varnish. Oh yes, I am *such* a rebel, haha.

Anyhoo this is my latest attempt to join the nail art bandwagon...Panda's on my fingers (everybody does indeed love a panda) and a Converse'esque design on my big toe. I am unfortunately not blessed with nice toes so couldn't fit the design on the rest of my little piggy toes, boo ;(




1 comment:

  1. these are so cute, youve just reminded me to paint my nails! Im a nurse too, so used to having naked hands, gotta make the most of days off!xx