Friday, 26 August 2011

Art Attack

I have to admit I love anything nail art related, myself I am absolutely rubbish at it but love looking at what other people have done! I've also noticed a massive trend for nail foils. Up until now I've kinda avoided them as all the ones I've seen in the shops have been quite garish and not my style. Until I received these in this months Glossy Box.



Okay, so it's not the greatest design but I find it quite cute with the skills and flowers on them :)
I thought they would be super tricky to apply but actually they were surprisingly easy! I good tip I found on line was to heat them with a hair dryer before applying them. The heat makes them more flexible and they stick a lot better too.

I unfortunately have horribly shaped nails so it was hard to fit them perfectly but they do come with a range of sizes to fit most nails. Simply stick them on then cut them down to match the length of the nail :)

And ta da the end result....


(please ignore my awful piggy feet!!)

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