Thursday, 30 December 2010

I really must say..

...sorry. I have been completely useless at posting these last few weeks. A combination of Christmas and feeling awfully ill has not helped :(

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Anyone any exciting plans for New Year? I think me and my friends are just going to a local pub and spend the night getting rather merry on wine.

So, tonight I decided to dye my hair. Now, I dyed it a slight red colour last time and liked it. This time I've done it that little bit more redder. I used Loreal Paris Feria colour 3D in Plum Power (P37)



I've used the Loreal semi-permanent colours before so thought I'd try a permanent. It comes with a conditioning shine shampoo which is actually quite a big bottle and is enough for up to four washes!


I won't lie, when I first put it on I nearly cried! It goes on bright red and I mean BRIGHT red...think pillar box red. It does say that this should happen in the instructions and that it will calm down but it was a bit of a shock at first! So after 30 minutes of watching it slowly turn a less vibrant shade of red it was time to rinse it off. Let's just say washing it off very much resembled the shower scene from Psycho!! Ha, not good! Mother bears white shower curtain will never look the same again, oops.

My hair is now silky soft and a lovely dark red colour :) I shall have to post pictures tomorrow when the lighting is better as you just won't get the full colour effect now. Plus I'm sat here with a head full of rollers looking hawt ;)

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