Saturday, 4 December 2010


So, I've never used any Eyeko products but I've seen a lot on other blogs about them so thought I'd give them a go. I went onto their website and found myself wanting so much! So in the end I decided on Vampira Polish and thought I'd try the 'Suprise Bag' they had on offer (unfortunately I can't find it any more on the website so guess it must have ended!). The Suprise Bag cost £10 and you were guaranteed £20 worth of products :)

I was impressed with how quickly they arrived especially with all this snow! I only placed my order on Thursday and they came this morning. So I'll start off with the nail varnish. I wanted something a bit Gothic to go with my outfit for tonight and this was perfect


It's a black with a blood red shimmer going through and it looks really good on! Also it goes on really nicely, not too runny or too thick and I only needed one coat, so for £3.50 I'll defiantly be trying out other colours :)

(This picture doesn't do it justice but it really is a nice colour!)

Next the surprise bag


As I said before it cost £10 and you got £20 worth of items inside...obviously pot luck but I like the fact you never know what you're going to get ;)


Inside I received one of these London Lip Glosses in Shorditch and is worth £13.


It goes on nicely, it does feel a little bit thick and sticky at first but once you've applied it, it has a nice smooth, soft feeling. It also smells really lovely too!

Next is Cheeky Colour Blush Duo in Glow Getter and is worth £8. It comes in cute little packaging too :)



It goes on really lightly and gives you a nice pinky glow that you can use in both summer and winter. Also it's perfect for either day or night wear and it's not too heavy or powdery :)

Last Item I received was this Magic Bronzer Blush in Rio worth £5.


Now normally I don't use bronzer, well actually I've never used it! So this is the perfect chance to give it a go. I've not had chance to use this yet but when I do I'll let you all know how it went :)

So, for £10 I got £26 worth of products, really was a bargin!!

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