Friday, 24 September 2010


I really, REALLY want a tattoo but just don't know what to get. I don't want to get something just on a whim and then regret it in five years time! I want it to have a bit of meaning or at least be something that won't date and I'll still appreciate in years to's proving a hard task to find 'The One'.
Any suggestions, or tattoos you may have would be muchly appreciated! :)
I'm thinking something quite bold and colourful, I like colour :)

tumblr_l7iivsfTHc1qa1w59o1_400_large (1)

I know it's not colourful but I do love this one...just not sure about having anything on my shoulder :s
Ahh, I'm sure I'll find the perfect one soon :)

Also very tempted to get another piercing. Due to my job I can;t get any 'obvious' face is out of the question :( I'm thinking another ear one, hm...we'll have to see what I come back with after a trip into town ;)

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