Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Slack alice...

Soo...I have to admit I have been very slack with this blogging malarkey! I guess because a) I find it hard to find the time to actually sit and think about it and b) I'm rubbish at knowing what to write and interesting things to actually write about! Hm...I.must.try.harder!

So I thought I would share this picture with you...me from a night out (yes, a drunken night out, once again!). There have been many of these lately. I appear to be sporting a rather fetching hat....although doesn't quite go with the Topshop play suit I have to be honest!


I have also fallen in love with false lashes...I've been wearing the Girls Aloud ones recently and have finally mastered the art of putting them on myself! I am loving these ones from Topshop and will defiantly have to purcahse some on my next trip into town :)


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