Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oh Sudocrem, where have you been?!

Sudocrem gracing changing tables, nappy bags and babies bum's around the world. Now it's reached my make up bag. This is an all round amazing product and a must have for make up bags.
After waking up one morning to find the most humongous spot on my chin, that even industrial strength concealer couldn't hide, my all knowing mother pointed me in the direction of Sudocrem.
So off I trekked to Boot's, scarf wrapped around my chin, spot hidden from the world and headed straight to the baby aisle.

£2.55 for 125g tub....

As you can see this can be used for a multitude of ailments! People talk about beauty bag staples and this is one of mine. You'll always find a pot of this in with my face products. And the spot, well after applying a generously thick layer and leaving it overnight my spot was greatly reduced. Redness was down and it was hardly noticeable. Now if I feel a spot coming on I'll lather this on and leave it overnight.

Everyone should have a tub of this handy :)

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