Thursday, 19 May 2011

The time has come: Your first GlossyBox is here!

Yay, it's arrived! I've been super excited since signing up to receive my box, especially after hearing such good reviews :) Finally it's here...



I love the packaging looks so classy and sophisticated :)


Included in the box is a little note saying welcome and explaining the GlossyBox concept, on the back is a list of the products included and a short description. Even though I was super excited to see what was inside I felt a little sad at ruining the the cute little bow, but curiosity won and soon I was tearing it open to reveal....


Five fantastic products, eek, I got very, very giddy when I saw what was inside, haha.

So firstly we have NARS Orgasm Illuminator (RRP £21.50/30ml)


'This silky, shimmering highlighter creates instant radiance, giving skin a perfectly
dewey spring glow. Universally flattering on all skin types'


Now normally I use a creamy light highlighter such as Benefit Moon Beam and when I first opened the box I was a little bit scared at how dark the colour is. As you can see it does look quite dark on my hand BUT I think I used faaar too much product, a little certainly does go a long way with this! I'll defiantly be using this especially during summer, I think it will give a nice golden glow whether used alone or with make up :) It's lovely and light and has a nice creamy texture.

Next we have All For Eyes Eve Red Lipstick (RRP £10.50)


'Eve Red Lipstick was created by celebrity make up artist Daniel Sandler.
This long lasting colour was designed to instil courage and poise in all who wear it'

I'm going to be truthful here and admit that I have always been scared of using red lisptick, I've always worried I'll pick completely the wrong shade and looking more like Lilly Savage! But I instantly fell in love with this colour when I saw it.


It's perfect for a day look or a glammed up evening look. The lipstick itself is nice and soft and not too harsh, it slides on the skin easily. The pigment is quite rich but it does give a nice matt red effect. I'm really looking forward to giving this a go :)

Number 3 on the list is Bionova Lab Bioactive Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin (RRP £29/4.50oz)


'This cleanser gently removes all traces of impurities without damaging the skin's natural
barrier system. Suitable for both skin types normal and dry'

Okay, confession time! I've only just started to use cleanser and toner *hangs head in shame*. At the moment I'm using Superdrugs own brand and have actually been impressed with it. Now the clenser I use now is more like a creamy, milk texture whereas this is actually a thick oil/gel cleanser. It smells absolutely gorgeous and I only needed to use a small amount for it to cleanse my face. It is recommended to leave it on for 1-2 minutes to allow make up and impuraties to melt. It appeared to have removed all of the make up I'd had on during the day. I normally have normal/oily skin and was slightly worried due to the texture it would leave my skin looking and feeling oily. Luckily it didn't, my skin felt lovely and soft :)

Up next is Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray (RRP £27/100ml)


'Treat your hair with this vitamin packed finishing spray that
immediately transforms the look and feel of hair. The lightweight
spray can be used throughtout the day, restoring vibrancy to dull and dry hair'

After far too much colouring my hair is defiantly in need of something to transform it from dull dry hair so I can't wait to use this product. Plus it smells, so lush :)

Last but not least is COMO Shambhala Invigorating Body Lotion (RRP £20/300ml)


'Refresh yourself with this light hydrating body moisturiser. Skin-softening
eucalyptus, mood enhancing lavender and stimulating peppermint make
this the perfect wake-me-up'

This is another product that smells gorgeous! You can really smell the peppermint and the lavender, the peppermint leaves a nice cooling feeling on your skin. It defiantly is a nice wake-me-up :) It's a nice light moisturiser that rubs in easily and is absorbed super quickly, perfect for use in the morning just before getting dressed! Plus it will leave you smelling amazing throughout the day too.

Overall I am really, really impressed with my first GlossyBox and is defiantly worth the £10 a month. I can't wait to see what I get in next months box :)

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