Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Till I can make it my own

I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart

1) I've come to the conclusion that I really NEED to be saving money, I spend faaar too much! If it's not jewellery then it's clothes or make up. So I'm going to be brave and cut back, resisting all the lovely things that Topshop, River Island and MAC have to offer :( Also this is a good excuse to crack on with making my own jewellery and also to use up the mountains of beauty products I have accumulated but never gotten around to using! Seriously I could stock up Boots I have that much ;o

If anybody has any good money saving tips then I would really like to hear them! :)

2) I've rediscovered my love for all things crafty. Now I like to think I am amazing at anything craft related, but in all honestly I'm pretty crap! So I'm making it my mission to become at least half decent at something. I'm going to teach myself how to knit, crotchet and cross stitch! Woo, go me! Ha, I think I may be turning into my nana, I'll be crocheting everyone granny squares and knitting bad jumpers! When pay day finally decides to show it's face (it feels like a LONG time since last pay day!) I'm going to make a trip to Hobbycraft and buy lot's of nice crafty things. I can't lie I have a love for Hobbycraft, it makes me feel all giddy and skippy as I wander around the isles looking at all the things I wish I could make!


I bought these the other day and got ever so excited about all the things I could start making, although I think I'm getting just a little ambitious at wanting to knit a jumper already :s


  1. the only thing i can say when it comes to saving, is once you get started, and have a little bit behind you, it gets easier. saving becomes addictive (and this is coming from someone who was addicted to shopping/always buying new things) and id defo say the hardest bit is getting started. you should set up an extra bank account just for your savings, ive been much better since I did this because the money isnt just sitting in my current account merged into something else :p and once youve been saving for a while, you begin to feel like you need less new makeup, less clothes etc (haha I promise, its crazy though!) and when you do finally treat yourself, it feels amazing :) im no expert, but this has worked for me so far! best of luck girlie. and good luck with the crafting too, cant wait to see how you get on xx

  2. Ohh thank you :) I know that once I get started I'll be on a role, it's just resisting the temptations of shopping ha. Also must stop having too many nights out! ;)

    I really want to save up for a new camera so that will by reward for being good I've decided! xx